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Why Take the Survey?

Why Should I Take the Survey?

UCUES sheds light on students’ needs and concerns so that the campus can take action

UCUES is a broad survey that provides a picture of our undergraduate students. Learning how different groups experience the campus helps the leadership improve the undergraduate experience for all.

Student Well-being

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UCUES serves as a barometer of the UC Davis climate, including student feelings of well-being, belonging and respect. The campus tracks these data over time and compares Davis’ results with those of the other UCs. For example, in 2022, 59% of Davis respondents “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that they belonged on their campus, compared with 53% at the other undergraduate UCs. UCUES also measures how different kinds of students experience the campus climate. In terms of student health, UCUES revealed that students faced mental health challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, and continue to do so. These data can help bolster the development of more campus services to support mental health and are important to track over time.

Readiness to Enter the Workforce


UCUES data on student skills and preparation help the campus gauge their readiness to enter the workforce; offer the skills that employers seek; and navigate successfully in a multicultural, global context. Whether students plan to enter the workforce or pursue another avenue, UCUES helps the campus support students by providing information about the academic and soft skills needed after graduation.

Food and Housing Security


UCUES and other UC surveys contribute to what we know about students’ food and housing insecurity, which helps the campuses develop services to address gaps. Examples include food pantries, campaigns to raise awareness about services, meal programs and partnerships to provide services. 

In 2022, federal guidelines indicated that 42% of Davis UCUES respondents experienced either “low” or “very low” food security, a slight increase from 39% in 2020. Due to the continued need, UCUES has partnered with the ASUCD pantry for several years to raise money for this much needed service. In addition, UC Davis has provided services such as the AggieEats food truck.

UCUES data help to tell the UC Davis story

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Along with other University of California surveys, UCUES data contribute to the UC story. University of California Office of the President compiles results for many purposes, such as public-facing dashboards, presentations for the UC Regents and the annual accountability report. At UC Davis, the results add to the undergraduate academic program review and are consulted by many campus partners and leaders. 

Your participation matters.