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Why Take the Survey?

Why Should I Take the Survey?

UCUES sheds light on students’ needs and concerns so that the campus can take action.

For example, previous UCUES results helped reveal the need for a student Pantry. The 2020 UCUES will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting students so the campus can identify needs. UC Davis wants to know what students are concerned about and how well remote learning is working.

UCUES also provides important data for the UC Davis leadership and the overall UC system. The UC Office of the President compiles results for many purposes, such as public-facing dashboards, presentations for the UC Regents, and systemwide reports. At UC Davis, the results contribute to the undergraduate academic program review. 

Survey reveals food insecurity issues

Between May 1-10, UC Davis students raised $822 for the campus Pantry by submitting UCUES! Thank you for your time and help.

To raise awareness of food issues at UC Davis, UCUES partnered with the Pantry. Budget & Institutional Analysis donated $1.00 to the Pantry for every UCUES submitted.

Bar graph displaying gradual decrease in student food insecurity at UC Davis.In the last few years, the media have shed more light on food insecurity in the U.S. College campuses have seen increasing levels of food insecurity. To understand the prevalence on UC campuses, UCUES asks students how often they skip meals to save money and worry about having enough food.

Although the percentage of UC Davis students skipping meals for financial reasons fell in 2016, the survey still revealed that over 20% of respondents skipped meals “somewhat often” or more frequently. UCUES helps the campus understand students' needs and monitor trends.

The Pantry campaign was just one of the ways you can make a difference and help UC Davis students! Your answers drive action on campus, and every voice matters. 

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